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About MadKudu

Founded in 2015, MadKudu is focused on tackling one of the hardest challenges facing businesses today: relevance at scale. Today we help marketing & sales teams at B2B companies make the best decisions at every phase of the customer journey - smart forms that dynamically re-route high-potential leads to a 'fast lane,' real-time lead scoring to help prioritize the 20% of leads that generate 80% of revenue, and topical enrichment for outbound teams so they can focus on what they do best: helping companies who need their product get it faster.
Founders Sam Levan (CEO), Paul Cothenet (CTO) & Francis Brero (CRO) have over 25 years of combined experience in the predictive analytics space, and are combining machine learning and an innovative methodology to help SaaS companies make the best decisions at every step of the customer funnel.

MadKudu is based in Mountain View, California & Paris,France - two places known for brilliant engineers, delicious wine and a love for the outdoors - and have raised $3.5 Million with Alven Capital. Partech Ventures, TechStars & Social Capital.APPLY FOR THIS JOB